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Experts in petroleum measurement, corrosion protection, instrumentation, and mechanical reliability, our field technicians ensure that our pipeline systems are always operated safely, reliably, and responsibly. Working around the clock, our controllers direct and monitor our pipeline operations using our modern SCADA system to ensure all shipping orders are completed with steady precision. Our revenue accountants gather and process dozens of meter tickets to prepare timely and accurate monthly volume statements for our shippers.

We’ve earned multiple API awards for safety and environmental responsibility. Our customers know why we’re so proud of our operating personnel. You can find out why - call Genesis now and make the connection.

We transport oil and CO2 in the Gulf Coast region of the U.S. through more than 1,000 miles of strategically located pipeline.

Our 235-mile Mississippi System connects shippers of crude oil in southern Mississippi to the Capline Pipeline System, which serves refineries, pipelines, storage terminals and other crude oil infrastructure located in the Midwest. Our 100-mile Jay System originates in southern Alabama and the panhandle of Florida and provides crude oil shippers access to refineries, pipelines and storage near Mobile, Alabama. Our 90-mile Texas System transports crude oil from West Columbia to delivery points in Houston and Texas City. Our 3.5-mile Port Hudson Louisiana System delivers oil production from the Port Hudson area to a barge loading dock on the Mississippi River. Finally, our 380-mile Cameron Highway Oil Pipeline can deliver up to 500,000 barrels a day from the deep water on the outer continental shelf to Port Arthur and Texas City. Our crude oil pipeline systems include access to a total of approximately 0.7 million barrels of crude oil storage.

Our 86-mile Free State Pipeline is a 20" CO2 pipeline extending from CO2 source fields near Jackson, Mississippi, to oil fields in eastern Mississippi. We have a long-term transportation services agreement (through 2028) related to the transportation of CO2 on our Free State Pipeline.

The 183-mile NEJD Pipeline System is a 20" CO2 pipeline extending from CO2 source fields near Jackson, Mississippi, to near Donaldsonville, Louisiana that transports CO2 to tertiary oil recovery operations and industrial CO2 plants in southwest Mississippi.

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