Onshore Facilities and Transportation


We provide supply and logistics services to Gulf Coast oil and gas producers and refineries through a combination of purchasing, transporting, storing, blending and marketing of crude oil and refined products (primarily fuel oil, asphalt, and other heavy refined products). In connection with these services, we utilize our portfolio of logistical assets consisting of pipelines, trucks, terminals, railcars and barges.

We own and operate five onshore crude oil pipeline systems, with approximately 580 miles of pipe located primarily in Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas and Wyoming. In addition, we have access to a suite of more than 200 trucks, 400 trailers, 525 railcars, and tankage with 4.6 million barrels of storage capacity in multiple locations along the Gulf Coast as well as capacity associated with our three common carrier crude oil pipelines.

We also own two CO2 pipelines with approximately 270 miles of pipe located in Mississippi. We supply CO2 to industrial customers under long-term back to back agreements. In addition, we own 50% interests in two joint ventures where we process raw CO2 for sale to other customers for uses ranging from completing oil and natural gas producing wells to food processing and we also produce syngas which is a combination of carbon monoxide and hydrogen.

Our services include:

  • transporting and supplying crude oil and COto refineries in the Gulf Coast and connecting producers to large interstate pipelines and refineries;
  • utilizing our fleet of trucks, trailers and railcars to transport products (primarily crude oil and petroleum products) for customers;
  • transporting products (primarily crude oil and petroleum products) for our own account to take advantage of logistical opportunities primarily in Gulf Coast states and waterways;
  • purchasing/selling and/or transporting crude oil from the wellhead to markets for ultimate use in refining;
  • purchasing products from refineries, transporting those products to one of our terminals and blending the products to a quality that meets the requirements of our customers and selling those products;
  • supplying petroleum products (primarily fuel oil, asphalt, and other heavy refined products) to wholesale markets;
  • railcar loading and unloading activities at our crude-by-rail terminals; and
  • industrial gas activities, including wholesale marketing of CO2 and processing of syngas through a joint venture.

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