Onshore Crude Oil Pipelines

Onshore Pipeline Transportation

Genesis Energy owns and operates five onshore crude oil pipeline systems, with approximately 580 miles of pipe located in the following states:

  • Alabama/Florida,
  • Louisiana,
  • Mississippi,
  • Texas and
  • Wyoming.

For highlights on each system including to view a map, see below.

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Onshore Crude Oil Pipelines

Jay Pipeline System

  • Origins: Various points in Southern Alabama and Florida
  • Destinations: Shell Saraland Refinery and Plains Mobile Terminal
  • System Miles: 135
  • Capacity: 150,000 barrels/day

Mississippi Pipeline System

  • Origins: Various points in Mississippi
  • Destinations: Capline pipeline to Midwest refiners
  • System Miles: 235
  • Capacity: 45,000 barrels/day

Louisiana Pipeline System

  • Origin: Port Hudson, Louisiana, Scenic Station Rail Terminal, Anchorage Tank Farm
  • Destinations: Scenic Station, Anchorage Tank Farm, ExxonMobil Pipeline Company Anchorage Station, Baton Rouge Terminal at Port of Greater Baton Rouge
  • System Miles: 17
  • Capacity: 350,000 barrels/day

Texas Pipeline System

  • Origins: DOE Pipeline, CHOPS Pipeline, and Hastings Field
  • Destinations: Webster Terminal (connectivity to ExxonMobil’s Baytown Refinery), Marathon’s Texas City Refinery, and Texas City Crude Oil Terminal/Barge Dock
  • System Miles: 47
  • Capacity: 8” line – 60,000 barrels/day. 18” line – 275,000 barrels/day

Wyoming Pipeline System

  • Origins: Campbell and Converse Counties, Wyoming
  • Destination: Pronghorn Rail Loading Facility, Sinclair Casper Wyoming Refinery, and Genesis Guernsey Terminal with access to Pony Express (Cushing, OK) and Sinclair Transportation Company
  • System Miles: Approximately 135 miles
  • Capacity: Approximately 30,000-45,000 barrels/day

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