Gross Receipts

GEL’s gross receipts per unit

Shown below are GEL’s gross receipts per unit allocated to GEL unitholders which held units for the entire year listed.  Individual total gross receipts will be represented on your K-1 statement in whole dollar amounts (versus on a per unit basis) and may vary from those described below based on your date of purchase.

Historical gross receipts are not an indicator of future gross receipts.  It is impractical to forecast gross receipts for future periods since (1) GEL manages its business for cash flow, not gross receipts; and (2) gross receipts are impacted directly by fluctuating commodity prices, which GEL can neither predict or control.  GEL does not offer tax advice.  Investors should seek qualified tax counsel prior to investing in GEL.

Year Gross Receipts Per Unit*
2020 $ 9
2019 $18
2018 $23

* Rounded to the nearest dollar.