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* Inland Marine Operations: 62 barges and 25 push-boats; Offshore Marine Operations: Nine boats, nine barges, one ocean-going tanker

* Total design capacity of 1.7mmbbl for Inland Marine Operations, 0.9mmbbl for Offshore Marine Operations and 0.3mmbbl for American Phoenix (ocean-going tanker)

Genesis Marine primarily serves refineries and storage terminals along the Gulf Coast, East Coast, Canada, Great Lakes, Intracoastal Canal and western river systems of the United States, including the Red, Ouachita and Mississippi Rivers on which Genesis has significant existing terminals.

We own and operate two fleets, inland and offshore, including approximately 100 vessels. Our state-of-the-art barges coupled with the best liquid cargo mariners make us the safest, most efficient carrier of inland, hot-oil cargoes.

We provide a safe and competitive service, adhering to strict operating procedures which are designed to not only meet, but also exceed customer & regulatory requirements.

We strive to form long-term, mutually profitable partnerships with our customers by providing consistent, high quality marine transportation. We value the true meaning of “win-win” relationships with our customers.

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