Baton Rouge Terminal

Destination Terminal

Destination Terminals

We have the expertise to handle your logistics needs from production to refinery through our rail fleet, trucks, terminals, pipelines and barge services. For optimal supply chain flexibility, Genesis operates both destination and origin rail facilities. Our destination terminals are located near refineries that are barge and pipeline connected. Genesis currently has four destination terminals located in Walnut Hill, FL, Natchez, MS, Baton Rouge, LA, and Raceland, LA (under development) which access multiple Gulf Coast refineries.


Baton Rouge Terminal:

Located within the Port of Greater Baton Rouge Complex, serving the Baton Rouge, Louisiana refining market.

Terminal Type
Import and Export

Modes Inbound

Modes Outbound
Barge, Aframax Class Ships and Pipeline

Product Type
Crude Oil, Intermediates and Refined Products

Approximately 1.1 million barrels with room for expansion

Terminal Details
Pipeline connected to the deep water docks of the Port of Greater Baton Rouge and the Scenic Station rail terminal.  Expected to be operational by the end of the 3rd Quarter of 2015