Pronghorn Terminal

Original Terminal

Origin Terminals

Genesis operates two origin terminals located in Wink, TX and Douglas, WY. Each terminal is strategically located to access origin production in the Permian Basin and Niobrara Shale, respectively. They offer Class 1 railway access and are designed to handle unit trains.


Pronghorn Terminal:

Located in the heart of the Powder River Basin, 15 miles north of Douglas, Wyoming, Pronghorn offers  producers, refiners and marketers access to higher value markets via rail and pipeline options.

Terminal Type

Modes Inbound
Pipeline and Truck

Modes Outbound
Rail and Pipeline

Railcar Capacity
Double loop track capable of handling 2 unit trains of over 120 cars, includes 14 car rail loading building

Servicing Railroads
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway and Union Pacific Railroad

Truck Capacity
8 unload spots with room for expansion

3 x 110,000 barrel tanks

Terminal Details
Receives barrels by incoming gathering systems and truck deliveries and delivers barrels by rail to the West, Gulf and East coasts and by pipelines to local refineries and the regional hub of Guernsey, Wyoming