Raceland Terminal

Destination Terminal

Destination Terminals

We have the expertise to handle your logistics needs from production to refinery through our rail fleet, trucks, terminals, pipelines and barge services. For optimal supply chain flexibility, Genesis operates both destination and origin rail facilities. Our destination terminals are located near refineries that are barge and pipeline connected. Genesis currently has four destination terminals located in Walnut Hill, FL, Natchez, MS, Baton Rouge, LA, and Raceland, LA which access multiple Gulf Coast refineries.


Raceland Terminal:

Located 47 miles southwest of New Orleans in Raceland, Louisiana, serves the Louisiana refining market.

Terminal Type

Modes Inbound

Modes Outbound

Railcar Capacity
Capable of unloading up to two unit trains per day (~140,000 barrels) with two parallel tracks capable of staging approximately 118 cars each

Servicing Railroads
Burlington Northern Santa Fe and Union Pacific

Terminal Details
Direct pipeline access to St. James, Baton Rouge and lower Mississippi area refineries through LOCAP and ExxonMobil North Line.