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Natural Gas Pipelines

We own approximately 1,000 miles of offshore natural gas pipelines, primarily servicing deepwater production in the Gulf of Mexico. The pipelines typically receive natural gas from production facilities and other pipelines through interconnects and transport the natural gas to downstream pipelines or processing facilities. An overview of the pipeline systems and our ownership interests is below. 

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Offshore Natural Gas Pipelines

Independence Trail

  • Delivery Points: Kinetica Energy Express
  • System Miles: 135
  • Genesis Ownership: 100%

High Island Offshore System (“HIOS”)

  • Delivery Points: TC Offshore, Stingray Pipeline, and Kinetica Energy Express
  • System Miles: 287
  • Genesis Ownership: 100%
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Matagorda Gathering System (TOMCAT)

  • Delivery Points: Interconnecting onshore pipelines in Channel and TX Eastern located in Calhoun county,Texas
  • System Miles: 59
  • Genesis Ownership: 100%

Anaconda Gathering System

  • Delivery Points: Nautilus System
  • System Miles: 183
  • Genesis Ownership: 100%

Green Canyon Laterals

  • Delivery Points: HIOS and various other downstream pipelines
  • System Miles: Various Lengths (34 miles in total)
  • Genesis Ownership: Various

Manta Ray Offshore Gathering System

  • Delivery Points: Nautilus and other downstream pipelines
  • System Miles: 237
  • Genesis Ownership: 25.7%

Nautilus System

  • Delivery Points: Neptune natural gas processing plant in Louisiana
  • System Miles: 101
  • Genesis Ownership: 25.7%

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