Our Refinery Services business is a leading global partner to the oil refining and natural gas production industries providing solutions to extract and manage sulfur and sodium balance with NaOH and other services. We currently provide refinery services to refineries and premier petrochemical facilities.

Genesis Energy is committed to your success by providing your business with engineering, logistics and technical expertise from our experienced staff.

Refinery Services

Genesis Energy currently provides refinery services to refineries, premier petrochemical facilities, and is also developing new NaHS-based technology that could provide a breakthrough in emissions reductions for the energy industry.

Sodium Hydrosulfide (NaHS) is a vital ingredient used as a chemical intermediate in a wide range of products for many industries, including: mining, pulp & paper, leather tanning, environmental remediation, specialty chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

Genesis Energy is committed to providing quality products, excellent service, readily available technical support and expertise from engineering resources.

Sulfur/Sodium Solutions

Genesis Energy Refinery Services is the world’s leading producer of Sodium Hydrosulfide (NaHS) and is an established marketer / logistics manager of Caustic Soda (NaOH).

Genesis Energy supplies the foundation for many finished products used every day throughout the world by managing sodium (Na) and sulfur (S) processes in the petrochemical, pulp and paper, mining, tanning, water treatment, specialty chemicals and environmental industries.

Our engineering and technical expertise allows the company to formulate products to customer’s specifications.

Engineering Resources

Serving the refining, natural gas processing, and petrochemical industries, Genesis Energy’s engineering resources can provide expertise on a wide range of projects under limited time constraints. Regardless of your project challenges, Genesis Energy is a results-oriented company offering enhanced efficiencies and optimization of processes.

Design capabilities and fabrications include, but are not limited to:

  • Proprietary technology for processing sour gas streams
  • Detailed engineering and design, including complete civil, structural, piping, instrumentation and electrical design
  • Pressure vessels, towers and tanks
  • Pressure piping in accordance with ASME B31.1 and B31.3 code
  • Structural steel pipe racks, structures, module frames, pipe supports, ladders, platforms, etc.
  • Plant process modules that are completely shop-assembled with equipment, piping, instrumentation, etc.
  • Customized instrument control systems

Logistical Services

Genesis Energy’s comprehensive network of plants and terminals are located near vital railways, waterways and roads, providing expedited product delivery to customers around the world. It is through this extensive network that Genesis Energy can provide businesses a competitive advantage for bulk liquid storage and distribution.

Genesis Energy Refinery Services has an internal logistical planning team that constantly monitors the network to ensure that time-sensitive orders are met. Wherever the location may be, Genesis Energy’s highly trained and specialized team is available to service your needs.

NaOH (Caustic) Services

Genesis Energy offers a total service package where customers can maintain and negotiate contracts for NaOH. Refinery Services then operates and manages the contracted supply for designated locations. Genesis Energy’s strategically located terminals, ample storage capacity and alliances with barge, rail, truck and ship companies allow us to move customers’ materials on demand. This service frees customers from managing the logistical pieces and allows for constant monitoring and control of other costs.

Technical Services

In an effort to ensure safe operations and proactive behaviors, the Refinery Services Technical Service Team will offer their time to review customer and carrier procedures and make recommendations to enhance the safety within workplaces where NaHS and NaOH are handled. Genesis Energy Refinery Services typically requires on-site risk assessments yearly so that we can assist customers with recommendations for understanding the best methods of handling our products.

Our technical service support team has knowledge and experience in sodium and sulfur management and is available to make recommendations to customers regarding storage tank specifications, the unloading of trucks and railcars, safety and handling, product applications, and training programs. Genesis Energy Refinery Services gladly assists customers in properly receiving, handling and using the products as part of our commitment to stewardship. Learn more about Product Handling, Environmental & Quality Support.

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