Business Operations

Offshore platform in the ocean

Offshore Pipelines

Consisting of approximately 2,400 miles of pipeline in the Central Gulf of Mexico, our Offshore Pipeline Transportation segment provides the critical infrastructure to move lower carbon intensive oil and natural gas from world-class reservoirs in the Gulf of Mexico to onshore refining centers in both Texas and Louisiana.

Genesis Alkali logo on piece of underground mining equipment


Genesis Alkali is a leading producer of natural soda ash and related alkali products. We own and operate two soda ash production facilities in the Green River Basin in Southwestern Wyoming with a collective production capacity of approximately 4.8 million tons per year. In addition, we produce a diverse portfolio of unique alkali products supporting a variety of domestic industries including animal nutrition, food, and water treatment.

Aerial view of the Refinery Services business in Lake Charles, LA

Sulfur Services (TDC)

Operating as TDC, our Sulfur Services business is a leading partner to the oil refining industry. We design, engineer, construct, and operate facilities to treat, process, and re-purpose sour gas streams. Our proprietary closed-loop technology helps reduce emissions at our host refineries while creating a critical bulk chemical that we sell primarily to the copper mining and pulp and paper industries.

Aerial view of onshore facility in Raceland, TX

Onshore Facilities and Transportation

We operate an integrated suite of demand-driven, refinery-centric crude oil infrastructure, including pipelines, terminals, trucks, and rail unloading facilities along the Gulf Coast. Our onshore assets are increasingly integrated with our offshore pipeline infrastructure and provide reliable downstream transportation for offshore production to onshore demand centers in Texas and Louisiana.

Inland barge on water with cityscape in background

Marine Transportation

We own and operate a fleet of Jones Act vessels, including inland and offshore boats and barges, to help our refining and terminal customers transport crude oil and heavy intermediate and clean refined products. We primarily serve refineries and storage terminals along the Gulf Coast, East Coast, Canada, Great Lakes, Intracoastal Waterway, and Western River Systems of the United States.

Sustainable Energy Solutions

Sustainability is not only a good business practice, but a foundational operating philosophy considered by leadership in key business decisions. It is a critical practice for the benefit of people, communities, and the planet.

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