Sodium Hydrosulfide (NaHS)

TDC is a leading producer and supplier of sodium hydrosulfide, or NaHS, in both North and South America.

What It’s Used For

Sodium hydrosulfide, also known as NaHS, is a key component in a variety of industrial applications that cover a wide array of end markets from leather tanning, pulp and paper, chemical, dye, environmental, emissions reduction, and mineral extraction. One of its primary uses is as a flotation reagent in the copper mining process where it is used to activate oxide mineral species, which helps separate copper and molybdenum during the production process.

How It’s Transported

NaHS is commonly shipped in tank trucks, tank cars, and oceangoing vessels. We utilize a geographically diverse portfolio of terminals to support the transportation of NaHS to our customers in both North and South America.

We oversee the process of both the efficient production and safe transportation of NaHS. Our team has the knowledge, experience, and expertise to make recommendations to our customers regarding proper storage specifications, best practices to unload trucks and railcars, safety and handling, product applications, and training programs.

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How It’s Made

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We utilize our proprietary technology to facilitate the eco-friendly removal of sulfur entrained in crude oil and its finished refined products. Our closed-loop, non-combustible process helps our host refineries lower their emissions by removing sulfur from their H2S gas streams. 

Our technology is used as an alternative to a traditional sulfur recovery unit utilizing the Claus process would otherwise combust H2S gas and release certain levels of harmful gases and incremental carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere.

SDS / TDS / Product Documents

Access technical data for all of our NaHS products by downloading the associated Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and details in the Technical Data Sheet (TDS).

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