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The midstream segment of the energy industry remains a vital component of the country’s critical infrastructure and energy independence. We are fortunate to have many long-lived businesses with significant barriers to entry that provide us with a competitive advantage and many future business opportunities. Our employees represent a diverse group of skilled tradespeople, administrative support, professionals, managers, and executives with broad-ranging backgrounds and experiences. We are committed to the highest level of health, safety and environmental standards to protect our employees, our assets, and the communities in which we operate and invest. If you are creative in spirit, entrepreneurial by nature, and customer-focused in practice, consider a career with us.

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Employee Testimonials

“We have a professional work environment, great leaders, and well-trained employees. It’s a pleasure working with Genesis Marine.”

Genesis Marine employee standing on barge
Male Genesis employee smiling while conversing with a colleague

“Having worked at Genesis for over 11 years now, I really enjoy my job and the people. Teamwork is part of our culture. Plus, you cannot beat the stunning sunrises and sunsets from our platforms in the Gulf of Mexico.”

“Genesis is always progressively changing for the better. We are all given the opportunity for career growth, and educational advancements, which lead to improved work/life balance. Something that’s interesting about my role here at Genesis is that many of the products I test are sold and used by not only my family but consumers all over the world in their homes. It’s exciting to know I'm part of the QC process.”

Female Genesis employee with protective eyewear and a mask on

Applicant Information

  • Genesis Energy is an Equal Opportunity Employer
  • All qualified applicants will be considered, but may not necessarily receive an interview
  • Due to the high volume of responses to job openings, you will only be contacted if you are selected to progress through the hiring process
  • Applicants selected for hire will be subject to a background check, drug test, and verification of other pre-employment qualifications, as applicable
  • Please review our Frequently Asked Questions for additional information or assistance when applying

  • We will never ask you to supply us with private information via LinkedIn or any other social platforms
  • Communication will occur through direct contact with our human resources personnel or through the careers website you will use to submit your application

Frequently Asked Questions

You may conduct a job search without having an account or logging in. To submit an application, however, you must click ‘Apply’ and create an account.

Yes, former employees of Genesis Energy will need to create a new account and register to apply for an open job.

No, after setting up your account, you can log into the system any time you wish to view or apply for jobs. However, keep in mind applying multiple times for the same position does not give you an advantage.

No. All job applications must be submitted through the Genesis Careers website, which will list all current openings at the company.

Click on ‘Apply’ link.

Search for jobs by using Keywords, Location, or a combination of the two, in the available fields under Job Search.

To view more details of a job posting that is of interest to you, click on the blue ‘Job Title’ hyperlink in the top left corner of the condensed posting.

Yes. The system will generate a résumé for you based on the information you include on your profile. However, this résumé will only be created once and will not be updated if you change the information in your profile. Therefore, we recommend that you attach your own résumé to your profile.

No. You will have to search for new jobs using the Careers Page.

If your application and résumé reflect that you possess the minimum qualifications listed in the posting, your application will be considered for the position. Human Resources will work with the hiring department to determine which candidates’ qualifications most closely align with the needs of the respective organization. You will hear from Human Resources or the appropriate hiring department directly if you are selected for an interview. It is imperative that your résumé provide an accurate portrayal of your education, work experience, certifications, and qualifications.

If you are selected for an interview, you will be given an opportunity to present any writing or work samples.

If you are selected for an interview, Human Resources or the hiring department will contact you.

If you are selected for an interview, Human Resources or the hiring department will contact you. There is no follow-up expected from applicants after submitting their applications.

You are not required to submit a cover letter but you may do so if you choose.

You will receive a confirmation email once you have applied for a position. You will also receive an email if your application is no longer being considered for the position. If you are selected for an interview, Human Resources or the hiring department will contact you, and there is no follow-up expected from applicants after submitting their applications.

For the speediest resolution, please ensure you go over all the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) thoroughly. If your problem remains unresolved after going through the FAQ, you may contact us at [email protected].

When you have finished searching and/or applying for jobs, be sure to click the ‘Logout’ button to close your browser.

Yes, use the links on the page to navigate and avoid using your browser’s “Back” button.

Genesis Energy is committed to ensuring equal employment opportunity, including providing reasonable accommodations to individuals with a disability. Applicants who require a reasonable accommodation for any part of the application or hiring process may contact us at [email protected]. Determinations on requests for reasonable accommodation will be made on a case-by-case basis.

Genesis Energy is committed to protecting the privacy and confidentiality of the personal information you entrust to our care. To this end, we have partnered with Ceridian, which maintains a stringent privacy program that demonstrates compliance with privacy laws. For more detailed information, visit