Marine Equipment

Genesis Marine owns and operates both an inland and an offshore fleet, including approximately 134 vessels. Our state-of-the-art barges coupled with our highly trained employees make us one of the safest, most efficient providers of inland and offshore equipment. Our inland fleet consists of 33 boats and 82 barges with a total design capacity of 2.3 million barrels. Our offshore fleet consists of 9 boats and 9 barges with a total design capacity of 0.9 million barrels. We also own the M/T American Phoenix (an ocean-going tanker) with a total design capacity of 0.3 million barrels.

Equipment Specifications and Details

Genesis Marine has attained its Document of Compliance and Vessel Safety Management Certificates through third-party auditing by the American Bureau of Shipping. All company vessels undergo annual auditing to ensure compliance with our Safety Management System (SMS) and International Safety Management (ISM) Code. American Waterways Operators – Responsible Carrier Program (RCP) is an SMS combined with quality and environmental standards for vessels. Our SMS and vessels are RCP compliant. Our SMS and vessels are also fully compliant with ISM code.

Inland Dispatch

(713) 860-2604

Offshore Dispatch

(832) 280-3060