Environmental, Social, and Governance

Genesis Energy is a publicly traded, master limited partnership headquartered in Houston, Texas. We are a provider of an integrated suite of midstream services in the crude oil and natural gas industry (primarily transportation, storage, sulfur removal, blending, terminaling, and processing) for a large area of the Deepwater area of the Gulf of Mexico and the Gulf Coast region and one of the largest producers of natural soda ash in the world.

We currently manage our businesses through four divisions:  offshore pipeline transportation, sodium minerals and sulfur services, onshore facilities and transportation, and marine transportation. Our Midstream Services are provided to refiners, crude oil and natural gas producers, and industrial and commercial enterprises and are supported by a diverse portfolio of assets, including pipelines, deepwater offshore hub and junction platforms, refinery-related plants, storage tanks and terminals, railcars, barges and other vessels, and trucks.

Our Alkali Business, based in Wyoming, focuses on exploring, mining, and processing trona from which it produces, markets, and sells natural soda ash, a basic building block for a number of ubiquitous products, including solar panels, flat glass, container glass, dry detergent, and a variety of chemicals and other industrial products, including lithium batteries.

Our Sulfur Services Business, processes high sulfur (or “sour”) gas streams for refineries to remove the sulfur contained in crude oil with our proprietary, closed-loop, non-combustion technology, bypassing the traditional combustion technology process which releases harmful gases and carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere, and selling the related by-product sodium hydrosulfide (NaHS). We supply NaHS to a variety of industries including:  mining (copper and molybdenum) and pulp and paper.