Genesis Energy has four business segments: offshore pipeline transportation, sodium minerals and sulfur services, onshore facilities and transportation, and marine transportation.

The offshore pipeline transportation division is engaged in providing the critical infrastructure to move oil and natural gas produced from long-lived world-class reservoirs from the deepwater Gulf of Mexico to onshore refining centers in Texas and Louisiana.

The sodium minerals and sulfur services division includes trona and trona-based exploring, mining, processing, producing, marketing and selling activities, as well as the processing of sour gas streams to remove sulfur at refining operations.

The onshore facilities and transportation division is engaged in the transportation, handling, blending, storage and supply of energy products including crude oil and refined products into refinery centric demand centers.

The marine transportation division is engaged in the maritime transportation of primarily refined petroleum products.

Genesis’ operations are primarily located in the Gulf Coast region of the United States, Wyoming and the Gulf of Mexico.

Genesis Energy Locations

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Areas of Operation